All workshops presume that participants possess basic machine piecing and rotary cutting skills. Workshops that require at least intermediate piecing skills are delineated as such in the workshop description. Workshops are delineated in their descriptions as 3-hours or 6-hours in length. However, a 3-hour workshop can be easily expanded to 4-hours; a 6-hour workshop can be easily expanded to 7 or 8-hours.

Machine Quilting Basics

Kelly, an accomplished long-arm machine quilter, has had the privilege of machine quilting for Marianne Fons & Liz Porter (Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting), Lynne Hagmaier (Kansas Troubles Quilts), Donna Lynn Thomas (Pre-Furred Quilts) and Kathy Delany (Fabric Crayon Designs), and a multitude of less-well-known, but equally as important, quiltmakers from all over the country. Kelly will guide you through straight-line and free-motion quilting techniques using your “home” sewing machine.
Skill level: all. 6-hour workshop.